Nutella Brioche

Nutella Brioche

I love to bake…it always makes me feel good although it can be  a little intimidating to work with yeast dough.  I’m late to the baking game because I was always afraid of it.  My mother was the best and I grew up thinking that she didn’t pass on the baking gene to me.  But I’ve made a point of trying to learn to bake since I started blogging and completely get the fact that it is something that is mastered with practice…and probably a gene or two.  I still get lots of what I call failures, but things are gradually improving and every so often I bake something that is really fun to make…something that  makes me smile when I step back and look at it.  This is one of those recipes. [Read More]

Valentine Spritz Cookies

Red Heart Spritz Cookies

There are so many fancy Valentine dessert recipes circulating right now but I was in the mood for something simple...the kind of thing I [Read More]


Caneles de Bordeaux

I L-O-V-E French pastries and can't walk by a patisserie in Paris without practically drooling at all the beautiful little works of art [Read More]


Marzipan Sugar Cookies

It's obvious from reading blog posts and talking to friends that I'm not the only one who is in shock that 2015 is here.  Each year zooms by [Read More]