Blue Ribbon Oatmeal Cookies

Blue ribbon oatmeal cookies

My favorite recipes, and always the ones that are the most popular on my blog, are the old ones that date back to my grandmother’s and mother’s time.  They were great cooks and I have several recipe files full of many of my family’s favorites.  The most popular source for recipes and food trends in the 1950’s to the turn of the century  was the FoodDay Section of our local Portland Oregonian.  Every Thursday it was chock full of recipes and there are dozens and dozens of the ones my  mother cut out and saved in these files.  Every so often I sift through them  and pick one or two for my week’s menus.  One of my  choices for last week was Blue Ribbon Oatmeal Cookies. [Read More]


Caneles de Bordeaux

I L-O-V-E French pastries and can't walk by a patisserie in Paris without practically drooling at all the beautiful little works of art [Read More]


Marzipan Sugar Cookies

It's obvious from reading blog posts and talking to friends that I'm not the only one who is in shock that 2015 is here.  Each year zooms by [Read More]

Spritz Cookies

Buttery Spritz Cookies

Spritz cookies, the buttery little bites we all love so much, originated in Medieval  Europe during the mid-16th century.  Called [Read More]