Homemade Granola as easy as 1-2-3


If you make a batch of granola from scratch I can almost guarantee that you will never buy that tasteless store bought stuff again. If you can find good granola expect to pay up to $10 per pound for it.  And the cheap stuff…have you ever tried to read the ingredient list for most of them?  There are very few things I recognize. When you make your own granola you can customize it so it’s just the way you like it.  Nuts…no nuts.  Chunky…no chunks.  Whatever you like. [Read More]

Nutella Brioche

Nutella Brioche

I love to bake...it always makes me feel good although it can be  a little intimidating to work with yeast dough.  I'm late to the baking [Read More]

Valentine Spritz Cookies

Red Heart Spritz Cookies

There are so many fancy Valentine dessert recipes circulating right now but I was in the mood for something simple...the kind of thing I [Read More]


Caneles de Bordeaux

I L-O-V-E French pastries and can't walk by a patisserie in Paris without practically drooling at all the beautiful little works of art [Read More]