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    Yes I ate purple carrots first time from the garden of a friend of mine.No need to say how beautifull they look on the palte.And that meaty tomato..cut in it a bit of coasre salt and the world is mine:)
    P.s Haven’t received any msg from you if I can use some of your market post for my series Market day in..’Cheers
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    We get tomatoes that big on the French markets, but I have not seen one for a while and that is a veritable monster! Lovely photos, and did you know that purple carrots are the original colour of carrots? What a great photo that is!

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    Oh, that tomato just leaves me breathless!!! In high school I used to bring homemade bread spread with mayo and a fresh tomato and a knife (of course you couldn’t get away with that today!) Then I would cut the tomato and have a tomato sandwich for lunch! Mine are just starting, but never anything of that size.
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