How to Store Parsley and Other Trivia


I’m at my farmers’ market every Saturday and I really have to pay attention that I don’t over buy fruits and vegetables because they are so beautiful and look so darn good.  It’s easy to buy 2 potatoes or 1/2 pound of green beans, but I often get completely carried away when it comes to fresh peaches or corn that was picked just hours before the market opens.  I realized early in the season that I threw out most of a bunch of parsley almost every week and knew there had to be some way to keep it fresh longer than a few days.  I experimented a little bit and found a dandy way to make it last for weeks.  I bought this bunch of parsley at the farmer’s market on Saturday, August 20, and it is still as fresh and as ready to use  as it was the day I bought it. That’s over 2 weeks ago! No slimy stuff or shriveled up leaves need to be tossed here. Doesn’t it look like I just bought it!!!!



To successfully store parsley leave the band on and wash it well as soon as you get it home, let most of the water drain off, wrap it in paper towels and refrigerate for several hours. When parsley is chilled and some of the moisture has been absorbed by the paper towels trim off about an inch of the stems, place in a small jar of cold water and refrigerate on a lower shelf in the fridge.  Change the water every other day and if the leaves should start to droop trim off another 1/2 inch of stem. I’ve trimmed the stems twice in the past 2 weeks. Its very important to keep clean fresh water in the jar.   Even after 2 weeks the stems absorb most of the water.  Curly parsley doesn’t stay as fresh and cilantro doesn’t respond to this treatment more than several days.  But for hearty Italian parsley it works great.  Now I never have to toss out one of my favorite herbs.  I bet this bunch will stay fresh for another week.


  Heirloom Tomatoes

 Aren’t they beautiful!


I’m an easy going soul and don’t get bent out of shape over too many things, BUT it drives me crazy when people bring their dogs into the market despite the very clearly written notices at each entrance.  When the market staff asks them to take their pet out of the market they act surprised that the signs apply to them.  Somehow they interpret this sign as saying “NO PETS PLEASE…EXCEPT YOURS.”

And WHY do people smoke at a farmers’ market?  That’s a hanging offense.

OK, enough for today.


  1. Happier Than A Pig in Mud says

    I can vouch for the way you’re storing parsley! The only other thing I do is loosely place a sandwich bag over the top, but maybe I don’t need to do that after all!
    Happy Labor Day Cathy:@)

  2. says

    LOVE this! that’s so good to know about the parsely, I’ve always washed and rolled up in paper towels but stopped there! Thanks so much for the info:)
    I quite agree that the Farmer’s Market is no place for a smoke!
    Mary x

  3. says

    Those Heirloom Tomatoes are beautiful!. Happy to hear i ma not the only one who gets carried away at the market; everything is fresh and tempting. Great tip to preserve the parsley.

  4. Pondside says

    Good tip for the parsley, and very timely, as I have a lot of parsley left over from this evening’s parsley sauce for the potatoes.

  5. says

    Great parsley tip Cathy. I will definitely give it a try. I don’t know why people think signs only apply to other people. Go figure. I can’t stand the smoke either…

    I’m envious of those beautiful tomatoes. They are almost gone here. We got several at the market on Saturday. I don’t want summer to end, especially the tomatoes.
    My Carolina Kitchen recently posted..Dinner at the Inn on Biltmore Estate & a Tour of the Antler Hill FarmMy Profile

  6. Dzoli says

    That is exactly how I store parsley.Nice spotting of teh Pet sign.I also find that smoke is diverting the smells market has to offer

  7. says

    I so agree! I was in TJ Maxx and someone brought a dog in. She dropped the leash, the dog took off, bit a child on the leg and pooped all over the floor.
    They sell food there too, so it against the law.
    What is wrong with people?
    One blogger recently posted a pic of a rest stop with a sign ” no dogs in this area ” and an arrow pointing to the dog area. Yep, there sat two dopes at the table with the dog!
    Great tip on the parsley!
    Kathleen recently posted..Blue Skies, Thank the Lord!My Profile

  8. says

    Hey, great advice! I never seem to have enough fresh herbs in my garden, and have thrown away probably hundreds of $$ worth over the years …

    My biggest problem with farmer’s markets is buying bulk – usually because it’s so cheap! One day I’ll learn that throwing half of it away just doesn’t make the cheap price that much of a bargain!!
    Red Nomad OZ recently posted..SkyWatch at Lake Pamamaroo OR 13 photos of the same thing … Menindee Lakes, NSWMy Profile

  9. deb says

    Glad you mentioned that this doesn’t work for cilantro…I have a bunch in the frig and was going to try it, but alas, I guess I won’t!! Thanks for the tips!

  10. says

    Great tip, Cathy! I bought one of those herb keepers, and it does work. Basically, it’s like a glass of water, but has a dome that fits on top. I tried growing cilantro, but it goes to seed to quickly. Sometimes, just put a plastic bag over my herbs, and that works well, too. who can resist the gorgeous colors of farmer’s markets? It’s a food photographer’s paradise.
    As for the dogs. I know what you mean. Sometimes humans forget that, while their dogs are family members, they aren’t humans.

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