The Farmers’ Market Season Begins

Tulips at the Portland Farmers' Market

I attended my first farmers’ market of the season yesterday in the park blocks in downtown Portland next to Portland State University.  The Portland Farmers’ Market is one of the areas finest markets and is open most of the year.  My market, the Beaverton Farmers’ Market opens on Mother’s Day weekend and once it gets going I don’t have the opportunity to visit other Saturday markets in the greater Portland area. I love to see what other vendors are growing and selling.  Each market has a character all its own and caters to the personality of the neighborhood it serves.

The market was full of flower booths bursting at the seams with gorgeous bouquets of spring flowers, especially tulips.

I was tempted to bury my face in a big bunch of lilac blooms.  I do love them so!

I think these are parrot tulips. Aren’t their ruffly edges pretty, and what about those gorgeous colors!

Music students from the University often entertain market shoppers.

When the juggler added a 5th ball we all cheered!

You will find Mexican food with scrumptious grilled veggies in all the local markets, but I’ve never seen a cook top like this. Cabbage heads were quartered and cooked until barely tender and well browned, then chopped and added to a huge plate of sauteed vegetables.  Aren’t you  drooling just looking at it?

This is one of my favorite booths at the PSU market. Chop sells the best  salami, sausage and pates that you could imagine and I always buy some when I visit this market.  They have 3 downtown locations, but unfortunately not one is out in the boondocks where I live. So this is a real treat for me.

Yesterday I chose chicken liver bourbon mousse pate and a baguette from a neighboring booth.  Both were near perfection.

I can almost taste the pie I’ll be making this week.

I love to discover a new variety of one of my favorite vegetables.  I’m thinking kale salad.

I hope you have enjoyed a little look at one of our fantastic farmers’ markets.   Once my market starts in two weeks I will regularly post about the produce and prepared foods you can find there, lots of great recipes, news from vendors, entertainment, special events, and more.  This year the Beaverton Farmers’ Market celebrates its 25th year in business and there will be a lot of special goings on.  This will be my 12th year there as a vendor so I guess I could be called one of the market’s old timers.  It’s been a great experience for me and I look forward to seeing my customers and vendor friends for another season.  If you come to visit please be sure to stop by The Bavarian Nut Company to say hello.

In addition to my blog posts  I will share recipes, photos, information, my weekly shopping list and lots of fun market news on the Wives with Knives Facebook page.  Please click on the “like” button on the Wives with Knives link  on the above right so you won’t miss any of it. Or click here to go directly to Wives with Knives and link up there.  Many thanks.


    • says

      The movers and shakers here in Portland have been trying to put together a year around, indoor market too, but it just never gets off the ground. Vendors can only sell what they themselves make or grow and we don’t have a year round growing season among other problems.
      Cathy recently posted..The Farmers’ Market Season BeginsMy Profile

    • says

      There is always a need to go to France, Susan…lol. I know our markets are fantastic here. Oregonians love the outdoors, a clean environment and organic, high quality, good food. That’s why we have a thriving food cart culture here too. But we have our quirky side too.
      Cathy recently posted..The Farmers’ Market Season BeginsMy Profile

  1. Happier Than A Pig in Mud says

    Looks like a wonderful place to visit Cathy! The rhubarb is beautiful, mine is up, just needs to get plump:@)

  2. says

    I love a farmers’ market no matter where it is and included one on my most recent post. Luckily I live in two places where the markets thrive and, surprisingly, the ones in Houston operate year round despite the hot summers. Shopping at the market is more expensive, but I like thinking I’m supporting the folks who work so hard to grow what I eat.
    Linda recently posted..Let’s Go! Part IVMy Profile

  3. Aimee says

    I always, always LOVE your Farmer Market photos and these are no exceptions! You have me wanting to race down and find a farmer selling tulips (but the grocery store will probably have to do). What amazing colors! And the rhubarb? I am craving rhubarb and ours is no go this year:(
    Boondocks? You crack me up and I thank you for the early morning smile this gave me:)
    PS: How did I ever miss the post before this one. Mmmm. Looks good!

  4. says

    WHAT A FARMER’S MARKET!!!!! Wow, we have nothing like that here. The parrot tulips are amazing and the Mexican cooktop looks and sounds fabulous. I need to go find some wonderful rhubarb too. Theirs is just beautiful. Thanks for taking us along. Now I am drooling.
    Jacqueline recently posted..Gorgonzola Pear PizzaMy Profile

  5. says

    Oh how I lvoe visiting Farmer’s Market. They always have such fresh & interesting produce to show us. Thanks again for sharing it, Cathy.
    kristy recently posted..Jaffa CakeMy Profile

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