Gratineed Pineapple


I can’t believe that I have had this recipe in my files since 2008 and have just gotten around to trying it.   I thought it looked delicious when I saw it at Noble Pig  and printed it out, but it kind of worked its way to the bottom of my now huge box of recipes and I forgot about it.  A gigantic display of beautiful, fragrant pineapples at the local grocery store last week jogged my memory and I finally gave the recipe a try.

All I can say is that this is one of the most lusciously delicious desserts I’ve tried in a very long time.   This is going to be my go-to dessert this summer and I can’t wait to prepare it for  my family and friends.  It’s sweet and juicy and warm and crunchy and gooey…and just plain damn good.  This is the kind of dessert you leisurely enjoy after a good meal…one you can pick away at until there isn’t one speck of fruit or topping left in the shell.  Oh mercy, this is a winner.

 Noble Pig was one of the first blogs I discovered after I started my blog and I’m been a follower ever since.  Cathy is almost a neighbor of mine now here in Oregon wine country.  She and her husband own Noble Pig Vineyard and Winery and their wonderful wines are available through mail order and can be found in many local wine shops.   Check out her 2008 blog post about this fantastic dessert.  She used a lot more topping mixture than I did (I was afraid it would be too sweet) and I think I’ll pile on more the next time I make this. It’s so much fun to find something new that is a sure pleaser and I know you will like this dish as much as I do.

Pineapples ready to fill

 The preparation couldn’t be easier.  Mix together the topping and the sauce.  Remove the core so you have created a little trough for the condensed milk and crumb mixture.  Fill and bake.  That’s it!   The recipe calls for rum, which I didn’t have, and I used tequila instead. If you can find small pineapples you can make individual servings.  Otherwise a half serves two.  Delicious.

NOTE:  I recommend you serve this dessert with a fork and small sharp knife like a steak knife.   It can take a little work to get every luscious bit out of the shell but it is worth the effort.  Just looking at the photos makes my mouth water.

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Gratineed Pineapple
  • ½ cup shredded sweetened coconut
  • ½ cup crushed gingersnap cookies
  • ½ cup chopped macadamia nuts
  • ½ cup sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 tablespoons dark rum
  • 1 large pineapple, leaves intact, halved lengthwise
  1. Stir together coconut, gingersnap cookies and macadamia nuts. Set aside.
  2. Whisk together sweetened condensed milk and dark rum. Set aside.
  3. With a sharp knife slice the pineapple in half with leaves intact. Cut the core from each pineapple half and discard. This does not have to be perfect looking as it will be covered up. Arrange pineapple halves skin side down on a rimmed baking sheet. Drizzle with half of the sweetened condensed milk mixture. Sprinkle with coconut mixture. Drizzle with the remaining milk mixture.
  4. Bake at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown. The longer this is in the oven the better. Keep in until coconut and nuts are browned well but not burned. I baked mine for 25 minutes and I watched it very carefully. I like the pineapple hot and bubbly.
  5. Serve warm with a knife and fork.

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  1. Lynn says

    Wow! This looks delicious, I’m for sure going to try this. I love fresh pineapple and with coconut, nuts and sweetened condensed milk, it has to be amazing.

  2. mary says

    This looks yummy! My family doesn’t like gingersnaps, but they like Graham crackers or vanilla wafers. Seems like you could substitute pineapple or orange juice for a non-alcoholic version. I wonder if you could wrap in foil & bake on the grill for an outdoor treat?

    • says

      Hi Mary – I bet graham crackers would be delicious. You definitely could substitute a little juice for the rum, or even a teaspoon of vanilla would be good. If you make it on the grill please let me know how it turns out.
      Cathy recently posted..Gratineed PineappleMy Profile

  3. Vickie says

    We are in a total pineapple groove these days, and this sounds like a delicious idea! I have had NO time to read blogs these days, but the FaceBook post on this reeled me in. :-) So glad I took a few minutes. I have missed this so much!
    Vickie recently posted..Blogging BreakMy Profile

  4. says

    This is pretty hard to resist; looks wonderful I can just imagine what a delight this must be to enjoy after a good meal. Love it!

    • says

      Hi Andre – As I mentioned, if the pineapples are small I serve each person a full half. If they are large a half serves 2. Either cut the large half in half lengthwise or let 2 people share the full half. Whatever you are comfortable with. Thanks so much for your comment.
      Cathy recently posted..Gratineed PineappleMy Profile

  5. says

    I’m new to blogging, and I’m so glad to have come across this recipe! What a great way to incorporate fruit into weekend festivities.

  6. says

    Thanks a lot, Cathy. I’ve been thinking about this dessert. I can almost imagine the flavors. I try to keep fresh pineapple on hand, because I just love it with cottage cheese, as a HEALTHY snack. This one looks decadent, and one of these days– well, I just might break down and make it. You make it sound and look irresistible.
    Foodiewife recently posted..Chicken Mole Torta (Mexican Chicken Sloppy Joes)My Profile

  7. says

    Oh my gosh – I am so trying this! It’s soo different and what a great and impressive summertime dessert? I was going to make cookies for a treat tonight, but now I might just make this…or both.

  8. Melissa L says

    Jumping on this bandwagon a little late, but excited to try it… my question (I guess I’m a dork) is: how do you actually eat this? Does the pineapple come out of the shell easily? When cutting it up fresh it takes a mighty sharp knife, and that’s slicing unencumbered! :)

  9. Sharon Gray says

    I am a Ex-Pat wife living in Africa… I am always looking for something different to add to my list of recipe’s for when I am cooking dinner for guests. This is just wonderful.. I have an array of pineapples growing in my outside garden and this is going to be on my next dinner date…

  10. says

    This sounds amazing and I’m definitely going to try it!
    I only have one problem, I do not like coconut. Do you
    have any ideas for a substitute for the coconut?

  11. Paula says

    Love this recipe !! After I removed the core I took a sharp steak knife and scored all around the inside of the pineapple and cut small squares making sure I didn’t cut through bottom. then I added filling,so much easier to eat.Thank you so much for recipe.

    • says

      Hi Jess – If you look at the top of this post you will see a link to a revised recipe that makes serving the pineapple easy. The pineapple is cut up before it is baked so all that is needed to enjoy it is a fork. Thank you so much for your comment. I hope you try this recipe. It is one of my favorites.
      Cathy recently posted..Cinnamon Roll ToastMy Profile

  12. Dawn Haines says

    i made this but i used the revised version where i cut the pineapple into chuncks and then drizzled the condensed milk and toppings. Iused vanilla instead of rum and i used 2 tablespoons, i would definately recommend only using one tablespoon.
    I baked it at 325 for 25 minutes and when i took it out the bottom middle pieces were still cold, probably my fault for not getting the pineapple completely hallowed out but still i think this would do much better in a pan than the pineapple shell itself.
    I also used pecans and gingersnaps, if i had to do it over i think i would skip the nuts and try vanilla wafers.
    it was really good but definately needed to bake it longer.

  13. Pat smith says

    I wonder if you could do this without the rind? Maybe sliced in a pan & covered with the toppings? Sounds wonderful.

  14. momofeveryone says

    i made this a month ago, and it was soooo good! i left out the rum because i was serving it to a group of people of varried ages. im making it again tonight too! i dont have macadamia nuts on hand so im going to use pecans. this is one of my top 20 desserts, hands down!

  15. Jessica says

    If someone is allergic to cinnamon (that’s in the ginger snap cookies), would there be a good replacement or would it still be good if gingersnaps were left out?


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  3. […] I had this Baked Pineapple at a restaurant a few years ago, and it made me moan, it was so good. It’s a baked pineapple, stuffed with coconut, crushed gingersnaps, macadamia nuts, sweetened condensed milk and a bit of rum. Tastes like Hawaii on a plate.I found it here: […]

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