Steak and Refried Bean Quesadillas

Steak and Refried Bean Quesadillas

 I love to cook, and spending hours in the kitchen working on a special meal for my family is  a labor of love.  That being said, I’m not one to pass up the opportunity to make quick, easy and inexpensive meals that use up bits of leftovers that I always seem to have in the fridge.  I was left with one very small filet from a package of tenderloins I bought at Costco last week and was challenged to make it stretch to a dinner for two.   Mexican food is a favorite in my house and with the addition of only a few ingredients we enjoyed a meal that in no way resembled what I usually think of as leftovers.

Steak and Bean Quesadillas

A recipe really isn’t needed for these delicious quesadillas.  If you have a few basics in your fridge and pantry they are so easy to assemble.  I’m very lucky in this regard because my favorite Mexican restaurant is just a few blocks down the street and I can purchase the best guacamole, refried beans, tortillas, etc. anytime at a very reasonable price.  I wrote about this wonderful little bakery and restaurant, PANADERIA Y TAQUERIA GONZALES, in a previous post.  If you live in or plan to visit the Newberg area you will want to stop by for a visit. The food is so good.

Soooo….this is how I made my steak and refried bean quesadillas…
generously spread one side of a tortilla with refried beans
top beans with thinly sliced steak
add sauteed onions
lots of pepper jack cheese and crumbled queso fresco
top with chopped cilantro and a second tortilla
fry in a bit of vegetable oil until cheese is melted and tortillas are brown and crispy
Serve with guacamole and sour cream.

I am very fortunate to be able to buy local fresh, handmade ingredients for my Mexican food.  But I have made our favorite dishes many, many times with the  excellent ingredients found in my local grocery store and the results are first rate.  You can use just about any meat, cheese or vegetables in quesadillas with delicious results.  Almost anything goes.

According to Wikipedia a quesadilla (pron.: /ˌksəˈdjə/Spanish: [kesaˈðiʎa][kesaˈðiʝa]) is a flour or a corn tortilla filled with a savory mixture containing cheese, other ingredients, and/or vegetables. This dish originated in Mexico, and the name is derived from tortilla and the Spanish word for cheese, queso.


  1. Happier Than A Pig in Mud says

    Oh yum! Love the idea of thinking of quesadillas as a vehicle for leftovers, they are so good:@)

  2. says

    This a great use of leftovers. I love meals that are quick like this too. They look and sound delicious. I wish I had a nice Mexican restaurant near me, especially to get homemade refried beans…yum:)
    Raina recently posted..Tasty Beef TacosMy Profile

  3. says

    Darn it…I could have had this tonight if I had read it before doing something else with leftovers…er, I mean “reruns”. LOL
    It really looks good, Cathy! I have a question though…do you pre-heat the beans prior to assembly?
    I’m wondering if the outside would be too browned before the inside was heated through. I look forward to some more leftovers now!!
    Rettabug recently posted..Sewing Up A Storm!My Profile

  4. says

    Mexican style cuisine is so popular here in Colorado, and I have a lot to learn about it as it wasn’t the same in New York City. i still get confused between burritos, tortillas, tacos and quesadillas…but I’m learning. Your quesadillas look so delicious, Cathy! I’d love sinkig my teeth into one!
    Pat recently posted..Our First Winter in ColoradoMy Profile

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