Farmers’ Market Notes ~ Signs that Fall is Here

Although days are warm and sunny there is no doubt that Fall has arrived here in the PACIFIC NORTHWEST.  Night temperatures dip down into the low 50″s and leaves are starting to turn.  September and October are usually our best months (in my opinion anyway) and I always look forward to the end of summer. [Read More]

Farmers’ Market Notes ~ In Living Color

   The farmers’ market opening bell will ring in 15 minutes and I want to take a quick walk through the market to see what is new this week.   Won’t you come along?  The colors right now are spectacular! Have you ever seen blooming Artichokes?    Booths are filled with Eggplant, Potatoes, and Beans [Read More]

Market Notes: This Weeks Farmer’s Market Finds

  A quick look at a few of the displays that caught my eye at yesterday’s farmers’ market.   Patty Pan Squash and Garlic First of the Season Cherries   Picked Celeriac I hope you enjoyed this quick look at this week’s great market finds.  What did you buy at your farmers’ market this weekend? HAPPY [Read More]

Market Notes: Memorial Day Weekend at the Farmers’ Market

The opening bell will ring in a few minutes at my farmers’ market and its time for a quick walk through before the aisles start filling up with people.  In 30 minutes all the beautiful displays will start to change shape as determined shoppers work their way down their shopping lists. So come along with [Read More]

The Farmers’ Market Season Begins

I attended my first farmers’ market of the season yesterday in the park blocks in downtown Portland next to Portland State University.  The Portland Farmers’ Market is one of the areas finest markets and is open most of the year.  My market, the Beaverton Farmers’ Market opens on Mother’s Day weekend and once it gets [Read More]

Farmers’ Market Monday: The End of the Season

  This will be our last walk through the Beaverton Farmers’ Market until it opens again next year on Mother’s Day weekend. It’s been a good season despite a cool spring and I think all vendors and shoppers would agree that this year’s produce has been exceptional.  But days are getting shorter and the rainy [Read More]

Farmers’ Market Monday: The week’s best offerings

 Every year in the middle of September the Three Amigos bring their Roasted Chili Peppers to the Beaverton Farmers’ Market. They have at least a dozen varieties that range from the very hot to  sweet and mild (that’s my speed).  They roast peppers to order right on the spot in a large metal drum over [Read More]

How to Store Parsley and Other Trivia

  I’m at my farmers’ market every Saturday and I really have to pay attention that I don’t over buy fruits and vegetables because they are so beautiful and look so darn good.  It’s easy to buy 2 potatoes or 1/2 pound of green beans, but I often get completely carried away when it comes [Read More]

Market Notes: What’s New This Week

  Blooming Artichokes   Beautiful Heads of White, Yellow, Purple and Green Cauliflower     Heirloom Tomatoes   Pepper Braids Drying in the Sun   German Pretzels, Sticks, Flutes, Rolls   Savoy Cabbage   Italian Artichokes, Fennel and Red Cabbage   I hope you support the farmers’ market in your community