Busy Weekend Pizza

My daughter is having a garage sale this weekend and I volunteered to help her.  In return she will help me with the one I am going to have the middle of July. We have learned the hard way that several people are necessary to keep tabs on things and help customers. Friday is always [Read More]

Pizza Night – Sausage, Hatch Chilies and Tomatoes

   I grew up in a German household and spicy food was never on the menu.  My mom’s cooking was wonderful but would be considered a little on the bland side by today’s standards.  If my parents were feeling a little wild and crazy they might order  kung pao chicken from the local Chinese restaurant [Read More]

Fig and Prosciutto Pizza

  I have been b-u-s-y in the kitchen the past several weeks.   My daughter and family visited from Chicago and I had a great time cooking for them. I know their favorites so I can always count on an appreciative audience and lots of happy comments when we sit down for a meal.  In [Read More]

An Easy Midweek Dinner – Pizza Pie

Whew, what a busy week.  Daughter and family arrive tomorrow and I’m preparing for Saturday’s farmers’ market.   As long as I have a well stocked fridge and freezer I’ll be set for whatever happens.

Roasted Poblano Pizza

Friday is the perfect pizza day.  By the end of the week I’m ready for an easy to put together dinner, and any leftovers are great snacks for the weekend.  It is also the way to use up bits of meats and vegetables  left over  from the week’s menus.  I had several roasted poblano peppers [Read More]

Caramelized Eggplant and Fresh Tomato Pizza

Friday is pizza day at my house. And it’s also time for a fantastic Foodie Friday celebration at Designs by Gollum Michael Lee is our gracious hostess with the mostess so I hope you will join me there for this wonderful event. I know you will enjoy it. Wolfgang Puck’s pizza dough recipe is one [Read More]

Bacon and Egg Pizza

I had a small ball of pizza dough left over from our pizza dinner this week and thought that this would be a good time to make small pizzas with ingredients I had never used before.  Just for fun…to experiment.  My cupboard was on the bare side so I selected bacon, eggs and fontina cheese [Read More]

If It’s Thursday It’s Gotta Be Pizza Day

What are your favorite pizza toppings?  Do you use the same ingredients over and over or do you venture out and try new combinations of flavors and textures?  Have you tried anything “way out there” that turned out to be your favorite?  Some are winners, some losers, but I never worry about a flop because [Read More]

Greek Inspired Pizza

I am jazzed!!!! I haven’t made pizza in many moons but when I read Pam’s post about Greek pizza on her blog, For the Love of Cooking, I just had to try my hand at it again. Pam used Trader Joe’s pizza dough, which I thought was an excellent idea, but we don’t have a [Read More]