Nigella’s Eton Mess

I happened to turn on the Cooking Channel the other night and caught the beginning of Nigella Express, one of the few shows on the Food Network that I don’t follow.  I probably wouldn’t have paid much attention to this episode (I was working on a quilting project) if I hadn’t heard Nigella say that [Read More]

Strawberry Mango Crepes ~ A Special Treat for Dad

What could make Father’s Day more special than a sumptuous Sunday brunch featuring Strawberry Mango Crepes?  Paper thin crepes filled with whipped cream and piled high with fresh strawberries and mango will tell the man in your life that he is indeed special.   Sweet Crepes…adapted from a recipe in the FoodDay section of The [Read More]

Strawberries ~ Pure and Simple

Despite the record setting rainfall and chilly temperatures Strawberry season is in full swing here and the berries are large, luscious and sweet. I have many wonderful recipes that showcase our local berries and a few of my favorites are Strawberry Whipped Cream Roll Strawberry Hazelnut Pavlova Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream Strawberry Orange Avocado Salad [Read More]

Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream

Oh dear…I’ve found a whole new way to add calories to my diet. I recently purchased an ice cream freezer and feel like a kid with a new toy. I’ve tried my hand at a boozy lemon sorbet (so delicious) and this luscious fresh strawberry ice cream, and am looking forward to all the frozen [Read More]

Market Notes ~ Memorial Day Weekend at the Farmers Market

A patriotic Nutcracker welcomes customers at The Bavarian Nut Company’s booth. Local berries have arrived at the market.  Shortcake, here I come. Beautiful baguettes remind me of Paris. Luscious heirloom tomatoes The most beautiful geraniums I’ve ever seen. Dozens of booths overflow with spring and summer plants Begonia baskets.   I bought one to hang next to [Read More]

Strawberry Hazelnut Pavlova Roll

Pavlova is a meringue based dessert named after the Russian ballet dancer, Anna Pavlova.  It is believed to have been created to honor one of her tours to Australia in the 1920′s.  This luscious dessert is crispy on the outside and has a soft, marshmallowy interior.  The meringue is traditionally made into a circle, either [Read More]

Strawberry Orange Avocado Salad ~ A Sure Sign of Spring

Sure signs of spring in my home when I was a child were the appearance of asparagus and this green salad with strawberries, oranges and avocados.  My mother loved this salad and served it often through the early summer months. The flavors are crisp and light and they pair perfectly with meat and poultry, especially those that are grilled and [Read More]

Strawberry Cream Tarts

I just can’t get enough of our local strawberries. The season will last another ten to twelve days depending on weather and I feel compelled to eat them in one form or another on a daily basis. I think that part of the enjoyment is the knowledge that the season is short, and when it’s [Read More]

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Bars

This recipe for Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Bars in this week’s FoodDay section of The Oregonian calls for only rhubarb, but I was short several stalks and had a hallock of freshly picked Hood strawberries in the fridge so mixed the two in these delicious fruity bars. My mother never combined rhubarb and strawberries in any [Read More]

Wolfie’s Shortcakes

I realized after years and years of looking for what I consider a proper cake for strawberry shortcake that it wasn’t, after all, a cake I was searching for. There are those who prefer a light spongecake, some like a poundcake texture, and some even choose a slice of angelfood. Not me. My favorite cake, [Read More]